Beautifully Vintage

What’s old can be new again, with vintage clothing! So many clothing styles out there today can look the same, and wearing vintage clothing can be a great way to stand out and have a unique look. The trick is to keep it classic and mix in some modern accessories.  There can be many benefits to wearing vintage, it can be cool and creative also the fabrics and craftsmanship will possibly be of much higher quality, and wearing vintage embraces sustainability.

For vintage clothing collectors the thrill of the hunt is half the fun and the best part is finding real treasures that you love….. clothes that have history and soul.



Dress: AGB Dress Byer California, Shoes: Call It Spring, Earrings: Aldo, Location: Mic Mac Mall.

The dress above is a style from the late 80’s or early 90’s, the cut is classic and the colour really stands out. Pairing the dress with more modern foot wear really brings the whole outfit together.


Dress: Sense International, Shoes: Modern Vintage, Earrings: Aldo, Location: Mic Mac Mall.

Mod with a pop of colour, this dress is fun and has a very 60’s vibe. A great way to tell if clothing is vintage is to look at the labels, if there is a union tag or there is a “lot’ or “style” number on the label it may be vintage. Other ways to tell if clothing is vintage is to take a look at any zippers and exam the sewing job and style. There are so many great resources online, including the Vintage Fashion Guild. (

Dress: No Label/Homemade, Shoes: Michael Kors,  Earrings: Aldo, Location: Mic Mac Mall.

Little black dress with a touch of glamour. This dress may have been homemade and has a 1950’s vibe, very feminine with a flared skirt. The Black Michael Kors heels add a perfect modern finishing touch.

We love the whimsy of vintage clothing and it comes across in these pictures!

We have so many more vintage pieces to showcase in the future, so stay tuned!



Hollis & Jane

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