Cabbage Patch Kimchi

It’s safe to say that we are food junkies! Whether it be home cooked or takeout…We LOVE food! While we do our very best to stick with eats that lean towards the healthier side, it can be a bit of a challenge when you’re constantly on the go. Especially at this time of year, when it’s more tempting to grab that last eggroll then it is to snatch a piece of broccoli (happened this weekend). Your lips may thank you, but your digestive system… not so much. But thanks to Jessie Palmer, friend and owner of Cabbage Patch Kimchi, we have a recommendation to keep your taste buds happy, while your tummy throws you high-fives!

Cabbage Patch Kimchi, a staple in our fridges!

A common fixture you’ll find in the fridges of Hollis & Jane is kimchi, which is a non-dairy, probiotic Korean condiment made from fermented cabbage. Believe us when we say that this $#@& is ‘da bomb! Not only does it taste great on it’s own or in dishes, it also has incredible health benefits that will have your body jumping for joy! Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, kimchi can help with following:

Replenish the stomach’s microflora
Calm the immune system
Reduce inflammation
Shorten the duration and severity of colds
Reduce anxiety
Decrease cholesterol
Speed up metabolism*

Kimchi literally tastes good with any (savory) dish! We’ve tried it with soups, on burgers, in fish tacos, you name it… kimchi will add a delicious tang and spice! Thanks to Jessie, we are flush with easy, tasty recipes and ideas, some of which she has posted on her website Here we tried Kimchi Hummus, which is excellent with baguette and cheese!

A yummy Charcuterie board is a fantastic idea for holiday parties. So easy to whip together, and literally anything goes! Featured on the board is Kimchi Hummus, which is seriously delicious and very easy to make!
Just add wine! Our charcuterie board isn’t complete without a nice wine glass of Riesling from Gaspereau Vineyards. Cheers!

We absolutely love this super food, and have a hard time keeping it in house (Sarah’s husband literally eats it by the jar full lol)! For the foodie in your life, a bottle of Cabbage Patch Kimchi would make a great stocking stuffer, or unique and yummy hostess gift.

For more information on kimchi and how to use it, contact Jessie at You can also follow Cabbage Patch Kimchi on Instagram @cabbagepatchkimchi

Want to pick up a jar? You can find Cabbage Patch Kimchi at: Halifax Seaport Market, Pete’s Fine Foods, Organic Earth Market and more!


Hollis & Jane

*from Cabbage Patch Kimchi

The Best of Summer

It’s sad to say, but another summer is just about to come to a close. Soon it’ll be time to grab some knits, slap on those boots and LAYER! We’ve had a really great summer here on the East Coast, as they typically are. We especially enjoyed the times when we were able to shoot some of the pretty incredible pieces that made their way to Sarah’s store. Here are a couple of our favourites!


Hollis + Jane

Dress: Judith & Charles, Bag: Louis Vuitton “Ellipse PM”, Location: Halifax Waterfront
Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: J Crew, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Luggage: Louis Vuitton – Left – “Sac Chasse”, Right – “Monogram Sirius 65” (currently for sale at Room 152), Location: Halifax Station
Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants – J Crew, Luggage: Louis Vuitton “Sac Chasse”, Location: Halifax Station
Dress: BB Dakota, Sandals: Valentino T- Strap Rockstuds, Location: King’s Wharf
Sandals: Valentino T- Strap Rockstuds